How to build CV, Resume from LinkedIn

Building CV, Resume is a difficult task for some people and people often search for CV template to clone or copy. Resume from LinkedIn.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. That is why in this article, we will show you how to build your CV, resume from LinkedIn profile. We will keep it as simple and short as possible, but illustrative and easy to understand.

Without further talking, let’s get started.


Before you can create or build your CV, resume from LinkedIn, you must have a professionally configured LinkedIn profile. Visit our article to learn how to professionally setup your LinkedIn profile. See also how to generate professional Cover Letter.

We will be doing this demonstration on PC. You can equally get it done on mobile phone.

How to build CV, resume from LinkedIn

Step 1: Login to your LinkedIn account

Note: Ensure that you have set all the relevant sections of your LinkedIn profile: Intro, About, Featured, Experiences, Education, Licenses and Certifications, Skills and Endorsements etc.

Step 2: Locate and click the “Me” dropdown

Step 3: Click the “View Profile”

Step 4: Click the “More” beside Add Profile Section

Step 5: Click “Build a resume”

Step 6: Click “Create from profile”

Here, you have the option to download previously created resume or create a new resume from your profile.

Step 7: Enter job title in the textbox provided

Step 8: Click “Apply button”

If you have followed the steps listed above carefully, you should now have a resume. The next thing we will check is how to download the resume. From this top bar of your profile, you have the option to see saved resumes, preview, download, and delete.

Step 9: Click “More” and “Download as PDF”

this will start the downloading of the resume in PDF format and save in your system.


If you have followed the instruction from top to bottom, you should now know how to create a resume from your LinkedIn profile.

A good resume is accompanied by good cover letter. Know how to create a Free Professional Cover Letter here

If you have question(s) or suggestion(s), kindly leave on the comment section and I will respond ASAP. Thank you

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